Qualities Of A Good Locksmith

Do they have a good reputation?

You can quickly check out online by visiting their Facebook page to see if there are any bad comments, look at the Google reviews and if you are really serious you can type in search terms like, “company name problems” or “company name reviews” or “company name scam” etc to see what is being said about them online.

Must be registered

Somewhere on the locksmith’s website, you’ll find a badge or icon stating that they are a registered member of the Locksmiths Guild of Australia or the Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia. If you don’t see this you should be wary.

Must live locally

When contacting a local locksmith be sure to ask if they are located in your town or suburb. Many companies advertise in your area but may not actually have anyone in your area that can be called upon quickly. For instance, if you live on the Gold Coast, make sure you get a locksmith who lives and works on the Gold Coast. Make sure they’re not based in Brisbane because it could take them a long time to get to you, especially if you have an emergency situation, like lost keys or you’re locked out of your care.

Should be Insured

Reliable locksmiths should have the right insurance coverage. They must undergo background checks before they can get coverage. This also helps to reduce the risks, just in case some damage occurs in your home, their insurance service provider will cater for the repairs. All you have to do is ask “are you insured” then listen carefully to their answer. Are they confident in their response or are they hesitant and a bit ‘shifty’

Should have the right equipment

A good locksmith should invest in the right tools to ensure their output meets the demands of their customers and does not cause damage to your property. Many locksmiths not only have a workshop but they have fully equipped mobile units. With modern cars, for instance, locksmith need to be equipped to deal with transponder keys. For example, just ask; can you help me with my vehicle, it’s 2013, Holden Barina and I’ve damaged the key – can you help me with this?”

Do they look the part?

When the locksmith arrives to deal with your issue, do they look like they know what they are doing? Can they deal with your situation? Did they turn up when they said they would? If you are satisfied with all aspects of their appearance, punctuality and competence get their business card or put their details straight into your smartphone for future reference.

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