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What Does a Locksmith Do?

Have you ever enlisted the services of a professional locksmith? If so, there’s a good chance that you did so after getting locked out of your house or car. In fact, this is one of the most popular services offered by a locksmith. However, it’s important to understand that locksmiths do much more than helping you get out of an emergency situation. Knowing the services offered by a locksmith can help you make the right decisions in increasing the security of your home. If you’ve ever wondered what does a locksmith do, then check out the following locksmith services provided by Triple A Brisbane Locksmiths. Call them on 1300 208 495 for assistance

Key Cuttingkey cutting machine

As their job title suggests, a locksmith has the ability to cut keys for all sorts of locks. Whether you need a new set of keys for your cabinets, garage, or padlock, a locksmith can help you out. It’s also worth noting that a locksmith should be one of the first people you should call after moving into a new home. You don’t want to take the risk of simply using the keys handed to you by the previous owner. It’s better to install new locks for your home and have new keys cut out for you.

Window And Door Locks

Many homeowners also hire a locksmith to deal with the door and window locks on their houses. Take note that this is usually a specialist area of locksmithing. This means that if you need this specific service, ask the locksmith company whether they have professionals who can properly fit, service, and repair your door and window locks.

Auto Locksmith

Aside from getting locked out of your car, you may have also experienced getting locked out of your vehicle. There are also other services that fall in this category including repairing car key fobs and cutting new car keys.

Security Safe

If you have a safe in your home or office, the first thing you should do is to make sure that it has been professionally specified for your unique requirements. It’s also important to ensure that it is fitted properly. A professional locksmith has the knowledge and tools to open safes, repair them, or install larger vaults or security safes if need be.

24 Hour Emergency Locksmith

There is no way to tell when you will get locked out of your home, lose your keys, or need immediate access to your safe. For this reason, it’s a good idea to find an emergency locksmith who can provide 24-hour services. There are cases in which you can’t afford to wait the weekend before calling a locksmith. Take the time to do your research and look for an emergency locksmith so you can have somebody to call any time of day.

These are the most popular services carried out by a professional locksmith. It helps to understand what a locksmith does in order to get the most out of their services. Of course, you must bear in mind that not all locksmiths are created equal. Be sure to do your due diligence and spend a lot of time researching for multiple service providers in your area.


Do you find yourself in need of the services of a locksmith? Whether you’re looking to add a home safe or getting ready in case you get locked out of your home or car, it’s important that you look for a reliable locksmith that can provide timely and affordable services. The industry is littered with poorly trained individuals that may prove to cause more problems. To get your money’s worth, here are some of the most important things to look for in a locksmith.

Go Local

You might be tempted to hire a locksmith company with a national presence. The bigger the opening a door with a keycompany, the greater the services, right? Not necessarily. When it comes to hiring a locksmith, going local is almost always better than going national. There are plenty of companies that seem to offer services in a specific area, but in truth, it’s just a company that uses call centres in different cities to promote their business. Watch out for these companies and make sure you run a quick Internet search to verify whether you are dealing with a local locksmith.

Ask For Recommendations

If possible, try to get from friends or family members who have used the services of a locksmith in your area. Word of mouth is usually considered the best form of marketing, and the same applies when it comes to hiring a reliable locksmith. Also, take this opportunity to ask important questions regarding their experience with the locksmith and the overall quality of the service. You can also search for reviews or complaints posted on the web to ensure that you hire a company with a solid reputation.

Check Areas Of Expertise

Many homeowners forget that a locksmith does more than just locks and keys. It’s important that you know exactly the kind of work you need. Through this, you can narrow down your list and choose a locksmith that specializes in the particular job you require. For example, a professional with auto locksmith skills is the one you should be looking for if you need a key cut for your car. Do not hesitate to ask about the locksmith’s area of expertise to make sure that you are making the right choice.

Get Written Estimates

It’s always recommended to get multiple estimates from different locksmith companies. Make sure that all the details of the job are put in writing. Also, you may want to ask the company to break down the expenses. This allows you to see which one offers the most reasonable rates for their services. This is also a great way to see whether one company charges too low or too high for the job you need.

These are just some useful tips to help you find a reputable locksmith. By doing your due diligence, you can surely locate a professional that can offer the exact locksmith services you require. Make sure to look beyond price and consider other essential factors to come up with an informed decision.

Locksmith Services

When you experience the unfortunate and often frustrating event of locking your car keys in your car or misplacing them call our locksmiths for an affordable and fast way to solve your problem. We are available 24 hours, ensuring you can always Gold Coast Locksmithrely on our services to help you out of any situation regarding locksmith requirements.

All our locksmiths have the necessary skills and knowledge on your cars security system, regardless of the model or age of your car. We use only the best and advanced equipment to quickly and safely get you back on the road as soon as possible. Gaining access to your car is considered an easy task and if you have misplaced or lost your key we can provide a type of key blank. Locksmiths even offer clone keys by using a serial number displayed in the owner manual of your car.

Our Auto locksmiths are able to reproduce a duplication key that can activate the central locking in your car.

When you drive an older car and you have experienced damage to the ignition lock in your car. You may worry about replacement options when replacements are no longer supplied for your specific make. Our highly trained locksmiths will be able to replicate your lock, or re-key all the locks for your car boot, ignition and doors.

Most modern type security systems featured in cars today are considered to be effective methods for preventing theft. When your car’s security system has resulted in a situation whereby you are now locked out of your car call auto locksmith gold coast for the right methods in dealing with your lockout. Many cars today, have protective mechanisms in the form of a “smart key”. These keys will contain what is known as a transponder.

The chip or the transponder features a unique code for access that is read from the computer system in your car whenever the key is in use. The code from the computer and the smart key must correspond or the key will not be able to work. Your only option will be to contact our 24-hour service and benefit from our commitment and quality services in dealing with all types of auto locksmith services.

When you happen to find yourself in a locked out situation there are a few safety guidelines to keep in mind. Avoid help from strangers that are passing by, you never know what their true intentions may be. Be sure not to use tools or wire hangers to try and pick your lock as you will probably never be able to open up the lock and you risk causing permanent damage to your lock. Try to avoid breaking a window to gain entry and rather save yourself time and money and deal with our auto locksmiths for an affordable a super-fast service.

Our services in locksmith requirements for auto purposes will provide replacement of lost or misplaced keys, broken keys, and transponders. In addition, we are able to easily deal with every type of car regardless of the security system in place.

The Work of a Car Locksmith

Getting locked out of your car can be very stressful and can cause all sorts of problems in your life. If you can’t get into your car and don’t have another set of keys handy, you will need to call us on 1300 208 495 so you can get back into your car in the shortest amount of time.

steering wheel and keys in ignitionWe can replace broken keys and make duplicate keys; they can even retrieve keys that you may have locked in the trunk or inside the car. When you just can’t get into your car yourself, you need a locksmith fast. Car locksmiths are trained professionals who have to go through an internship and other training to learn how to do their job.

A car locksmith is mobile and will come to you to fix or replace your locks. They have trucks that are equipped with everything they need to make new keys and carry out the repairs. Mobile locksmiths are fast, and they can typically be at your car within the hour. It doesn’t take long at all, and the service is very convenient. There is also emergency car locksmith services that are open on nights, holidays and weekends because you never know when you are going to need to get your keys replaced.

It seems like car trouble always wants to happen at the worst times, so thankfully there are locksmiths that can accommodate any situation that comes up. You will never have to go too long without your keys no matter what time it is or what type of car you have. Car locksmiths are trained to work on any car, so you don’t have to worry about the locksmith not having the right type of keys.

They work fast and can often get you back into your within five or ten minutes. The more difficult the key is to replace, the longer the service will take. You will probably be surprised at how fast and easy the entire process is. It doesn’t take long to get back into your car at all, and you will soon be on your way. The prices are reasonable, and they are probably a lot less than you think they are.

Using a car locksmith can save you a lot of time and hassle and the locksmiths are going to reliable and come when they say they will to get you into your car. Car locksmiths are true professionals, and they will work hard to get you back into your car. When you are locked out, and you need new keys, a locksmith is a person to call.

Make sure you do some research on your car locksmith to ensure you are choosing a locksmith with good customer reviews. If you don’t want to be forced to choose a locksmith on the spot, you can do this research before anything happens and program the number of the locksmith into your phone, so you have it on hand.


Qualities Of A Good Locksmith

Do they have a good reputation?

You can quickly check out online by visiting their Facebook page to see if there are any bad comments, look at the Google reviews and if you are really serious you can type in search terms like, “company name problems” or “company name reviews” or “company name scam” etc to see what is being said about them online.

Must be registered

Somewhere on the locksmith’s website, you’ll find a badge or icon stating that they are a registered member of the Locksmiths Guild of Australia or the Master Locksmiths Association of Australasia. If you don’t see this you should be wary.

Must live locally

When contacting a local locksmith be sure to ask if they are located in your town or suburb. Many companies advertise in your area but may not actually have anyone in your area that can be called upon quickly. For instance, if you live on the Gold Coast, make sure you get a locksmith who lives and works on the Gold Coast. Make sure they’re not based in Brisbane because it could take them a long time to get to you, especially if you have an emergency situation, like lost keys or you’re locked out of your care.

Should be Insured

Reliable locksmiths should have the right insurance coverage. They must undergo background checks before they can get coverage. This also helps to reduce the risks, just in case some damage occurs in your home, their insurance service provider will cater for the repairs. All you have to do is ask “are you insured” then listen carefully to their answer. Are they confident in their response or are they hesitant and a bit ‘shifty’

Should have the right equipment

A good locksmith should invest in the right tools to ensure their output meets the demands of their customers and does not cause damage to your property. Many locksmiths not only have a workshop but they have fully equipped mobile units. With modern cars, for instance, locksmith need to be equipped to deal with transponder keys. For example, just ask; can you help me with my vehicle, it’s 2013, Holden Barina and I’ve damaged the key – can you help me with this?”

Do they look the part?

When the locksmith arrives to deal with your issue, do they look like they know what they are doing? Can they deal with your situation? Did they turn up when they said they would? If you are satisfied with all aspects of their appearance, punctuality and competence get their business card or put their details straight into your smartphone for future reference.